Hear from my clients!

I want you to see more than just a bunch of “Before” and “After” photos because that is not my only focus. My goal is for my clients to also grow emotionally! I want them to truly fall in love with a healthy lifestyle. I think the best way for you to understand my relationship with my clients is to hear from a handful of my clients!

More testimonials!

Jordan has helped me get over my fear and feelings of inadequacy in the gym and has helped me actually enjoy working out...whether it’s in the gym, at the park or at home. Jordan’s encouraging spirit just keeps me motivated to push harder...Love this guy!!!!
— Vicki Hrivnak, Spring Hill TN

Pam Before and After
Jordan didn’t quit on me, he kept pushing in such a way that you didn’t feel pressured, but that someone had your back. He cheered my on and NEVER gave up on me.
— Pam Brubaker, Nashville TN

nick before and after.jpeg
Jordan helped challenge me, encourage me, and helped me fall in love with fitness. The day I completed the 100th work out on his app was a GREAT DAY!
— Nick, Park Rapids MN

Andrew before and after
Jordan helped me lose 28 lbs in 4 months and we have a lot of fun doing it! He knows a lot about fitness, but also knows what it takes mentally to stay consistent.
— Andrew, Houston TX

Karla before and after
My famous words were “I can’t” and “I’m dying!” Jordan didn’t let me quit. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. He pushed me past what I thought I could do and showed me what I could actually do. Hiring Jordan as my trainer was the best decision I could have ever made!
— Karla Strickland, Madison TN

Lisa before and after
Jordan is amazing and encourages/pushes me to continually reach new goals. I look forward to our sessions and challenging myself each week.
— Lisa Travis, Belle Meade TN

Jordan Flom and client
Jordan is not only a great personal trainer but also a very nice young man! He will motivate you, pray for you, listen and laugh with you while kicking your butt into shape. Thank goodness he has a great sense of humor because he puts up with a lot from me.
— Paula Longest, Nashville TN

Lee Ann Before and After
I was a little afraid the first time I worked out with Jordan because I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it. He was very careful to push me to my limits without causing harm. 2 years later he still pushes me. He is such an encourager. He’s fun to work out with and truly caring. I feel better and am healthier than I’ve been in years.
— Lee Ann, Bellevue TN

Lori before and after
Jordan helped me lose 40 pounds by giving me simple and applicable advice. He helped me realize I was over complicating things. We dumbed it down and it worked! And we actually had fun doing it... most of the time.
— Lori, Franklin TN

lisa transformation.jpeg
I’ve worked with Jordan over the the past 4 years and have been thrilled with the results. It’s not just about fitness....seriously his can do attitude and the outlook on life he has is priceless.
— Lisa Flom, Eden Prairie MN

Reach out if you want to see more!  I love telling people about my amazing clients!