I am a fitness trainer, nutritional adviser, life motivator, prayer partner, and most importantly... FRIEND.  I am each of these things because in my opinion that is what is needed to achieve results.

It all started when...

I trained my mother (Lisa Flom) and helped her lose 30 pounds before my sister's wedding. (Video below) After that, I was instantly obsessed.  I always knew I was passionate about fitness, but I did not know how much I would love being part of the "transformation process".  And I am not just talking about physical improvements... I am also referring to the emotional confidence a person gains as they better themselves physically.  As I often explain to my clients, emotional progress is sometimes more important than physical progress.  If you want the physical changes to stick... you need to get to the emotions (or self beliefs).

So I was hooked!  In 2014, I started performing in home personal training.  Since then, I've grown close to some of the most incredible people I've ever encountered.  Each and every one of my clients contacted me for a different reason, but they all had one thing in common: They valued their health and knew something needed to change.  With this dedication, goals started to be accomplished.  A couple clients lost over 100 pounds while others lost 20 pounds (and look 20 years younger).  But the physical results aren't what keep me motivated.  I'm motivated by the smile I see before they tell me their "new low weight" or the proud look they have on their face when they beat a personal best for an exercise.  I see CONFIDENCE!  Confidence in themselves... and that is something that will change the rest of your life. 

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