Fitness made convenient

Fitness made convenient.      


Who am I?

I am a fitness trainer, nutritional adviser, life motivator, prayer partner, and most importantly... your FRIEND.  I am each of these things because in my opinion... that is the type of relationship necessary to accomplish your fitness goals.  Fitness is my passion, but helping others is my obsession.  It all started when I helped my mother lose 30 pounds before my sister's wedding.  Seeing her confidence and smile that day made me instantly addicted to helping others experience that same joy. 

 Education - Accountability - Encouragement - Motivation

I'm here to help!

I became a trainer because I am obsessed with helping people feel better about themselves.  This is the best way I can think to help change lives.  This is about more than just exercises... this is about making a complete physical AND emotional transformation that will lead to many more happy and healthy years!!


My AMAZING clients!

My clients mean the world to me.  I consider each and every one of them a FRIEND.  This is exactly how it should be if you are serious about accomplishing your fitness goals.  There needs to be TRUST, HONESTY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and RELIABILITY.  I've worked with most of my clients for over two years.  Below you will see just a few of them.    

Lisa transformation Jordan Flom Fitness

Lisa Flom

You guessed it... this is my beautiful mother.  She is the reason I fell in love with Personal Training.  She has a positive attitude and will outwork everyone else in the gym.  For her, accountability and consistently is what led to the greatest results.  

Jordan Flom Fitness client

Pam Brubaker

I am so proud of Pam!!  She has lost over 115 pounds and she is on her way to losing another 25 till she hits her goal!  She has done this by working out 2-3 times per week, making some key changes to her diet, and being more aware of how her emotional state affects her desire to eat.    

Nick Jordan Flom Fitness

Nick Bretz

Meet Nick!  He is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met!  He made a decision to change his life and he completed over 100 work outs in the first 5 months!  With the proper mindset and the proper plan, anything is possible!  


Exercise CAN be FUN!

Results will never stay if you don't figure out a way to enjoy the fitness process.  Achieving your goals comes from Finding exercises you enjoy, maintaining accountability, and improving your daily habits.

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Online Personal Training
(Via App)

Receive access to the Jordan Flom Fitness Training App. Clients receive 12 custom designed work outs each month (exercise tutorials included).  You can track your workouts in the app, and I can review everything you are doing.  Need more accountability?  You can even link your MyFitnessPal (nutritional logging) and Fitbit (heart rate monitor). 

Pricing starting at $12 per session!

Health Retreat
(Park Rapids, MN)

Spend a couple days up north in Minnesota learning about exercise, nutrition, and common emotional struggles.  Each day will be filled with a personal training session, cooking classes, emotional discussions, group fitness boot camp, and games.  Attendance (10-12 per retreat) will be limited so if you are interested, I highly recommend you join the wait list by clicking below.

Let's talk!

I am excited to hear about your fitness goals!  I am not here to pressure you into a "sale"... I am here to answer any questions you may have and help you become a healthier and happier person.  

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